Webinar: Optical Properties of Surfaces - BRDF

The lecture “Optical Properties of Surfaces – BRDF” is a part of 22 lectures on advanced radiometry including the optical properties of the atmosphere, surfaces, and optical materials. It started as a lecture to graduate and postgraduate students in the Technion IIT and as a 2-day tutorial in SPIE. This lecture was specially modified for students, engineers, and scientists who want to expand the horizon of their knowledge in this field.

The lecture covers the different types of natural and artificial surfaces and describes their spectral reflectance and the corresponding applications of these surfaces. Special emphasis is given to Lambertian surfaces in different spectral regions. Also, the reflectance of the sea surface will be discussed. The lecture will cover the different measurements techniques and will describe the unique instrumentation that is used for these measurements.

Adam D. Devir (DSc. in Physics from the Technion IIT in laser physics and post-doc from Cornell University in chemical physics and non-linear optics) worked since 1977 as physicist/lecturer (Technion R&DF) in atmospheric optics and radiometry. Since 1998 he is CTO in IARD – Sensing Solutions. His main field in the last years is the development of new radiometric instrumentation used for advanced studies in Fast Multi-Spectral Radiometry.