Webinar: Post-quantum cryptography for privacy and security of the Internet

Vulnerabilities of the public key infrastructure currently used to secure the Internet are enhanced with the development of quantum computers; with privacy, security, and cryptocurrency severe implications.

The distribution of information is a key solution for future security infrastructures.

Quantum computers’ development road map predicts a serious threat to today’s encrypted data within less than a decade, this is an opportunity to reconsider the security of the Internet, based on the public key infrastructure architecture.

Having all information on a particular site or sent over a particular channel is a big risk for privacy. Information distribution can serve us today inefficient solutions for data in motion and data in rest.  Ownership of information is preserved when sending a credit card number, sending a random number through email, and a random number through SMS, such that their xor is the actual number. Storing photos in your own computer/server may risk data leakage and/or ransomware attacks, storing in Google Drive and alike, yield a trust in a single entity (and all the employers of the entity) and loss of data ownership, hence, a multi-cloud solution, each cloud storing random numbers is preferred.

Blockchain distributed trust complements the above solutions allowing private logic contracts.